If jackets could have a split personality, they would probably look like this. Common grey by day, incredibly luminous at night; when placed in the range of a car or motorcycle’s headlights, it will light up completely! 

So how does this radiant fabric work exactly? Basically, it’s coated with lots of tiny beads. They act as satellite dishes, reflecting light back to its source, even from long distances. Just like a road sign! 

Dutch motorcycle gear maker MACNA is known for its use of technologically advanced materials. The brand is not reluctant to innovate from the Summer Comfort mesh system to the multi-layered Twin-Shell jackets.

Now, Macna is taking its inventive spirit to after dusk with its high-visibility. Night Eye material.

Featured on an assortment of jackets and pants in the brand’s lineup, Night Eye is a fully-reflective material similar to 

Macna Fusor NightEye is an all-weather textile jacket with great comfort features. The detachable thermal lining and removable waterproof membrane give you great flexibility when adapting to changing weather conditions. 

NightEye technology that is grey during the day but lights up in the dark. Infused with small glass beads sewn onto the fabric that reflect the light creating a glow-in-the-dark effect.

Weather type: Waterproof / All seasons.

Materials: Ripstop, Durylon, Poly 600.

Lining: 3-layer system with removable Raintex + membrane and thermal lining.

Visibility: LED light prepared, Vision Tech Vest prepared, reflection on the back.

Reflection: “NightEye” reflection reinvented

Ventilation: Ventilation panels on the chest, back on the arms.

Protection: CE level 2 protection on the shoulder and elbow. CE level 2 protection on the back and chest prepared.